The “Looking To The Future” Podcast series addresses the future from a unique and critical perspective. Its primary interest lies with the human dimension—how we think and the values we hold. And it draws on a particular way of understanding what our times are about and what the future asks of us, the Creative Systems Theory concept of Cultural Maturity. The concept of Cultural Maturity describes how our times are challenging us to engage a new chapter in our human story, an essential “growing up” as a species.

Podcast offerings are three types. “Current issue” podcasts address critical contemporary concerns from a culturally mature perspective. Think of this section as a antidote to today’s extreme partisan polarization and a response to the need for more creative and sophisticated leadership going forward. Each podcast illustrates how we must engage critical issues from a vantage that is more encompassing—more systemic—than we have in times past. It also illustrates how, when we are able to do so, needed answers become straightforward, part of a needed “new common sense.”

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Current Issues

This set of podcasts responds to current social/political discord by addressing front-page issues from above the partisan fray.

Three Ways Artificial Intelligence Could Be the End of Us — And What Will Be Required For This Not to Be Our Fate

Health Care Reform as Political Crazy-Maker

Bringing Culturally Mature Perspective to the Often Pain-filled Confusions of the Immigration Debate

Culturally Mature Perspective and the Climate Change Debate: How Asking the Wrong Question Results in Actions That Are, in Effect, Suicidal

Techno-Brilliance, Techno-Stupidity, and the Dangers of Techno-Utopian Craziness—Needed Perspective if Our Future is to be Anything We Can Celebrate

Big Picture Theory

These podcasts address key conceptual issues from an overarching systemic perspective. Most draw specifically on the ideas of Creative Systems Theory.

Bringing Wisdom to the Future—Creative Systems Theory’s Concept of Cultural Maturity

Perspective for a Time of Deep Discord: Why We See Things So Differently (and Why Just Trying To Talk About It Is So Often Not Helpful)

Rethinking Identity: How the Myth of the Individual Provides Essential Evidence for Cultural Maturity’s Needed “Growing Up” As a Species (and the Critical Importance of a More Complete Picture of Identity Going Forward)

Transitional Absurdity: Contemporary Craziness and Its Antidote (Or How the Ludicrous Can Co-Exist With Hope)

Science and Religion—Toward a Larger Picture (and How Creative Systems Theory Gets Us Very Close)

The “Big Band Theory”–Creative Systems Theory Takes On Existence As a Whole